Sunday, July 22, 2012


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
2/3 cup butter, softened
1/3 cup confectioners' sugar

Mix altogether until crumbly.  Using hands, mix until dough forms.

Press dough into the bottom and 1 1/2-inches up the sides of an 8-inch ungreased springform pan.  Bake crust at 375 degrees until light brown and set, about 12-14 minutes.

1/2 cup packed brown sugar
3 tbsp butter, softened
1/2 cup chopped pecans, optional
2 tbsp granulated sugar
1 tbsp all-purpose flour
3 egg yolks
2 cups whipping cream
1/4 cup orange marmalade
1 tbsp water
2 cups seasonal fresh fruits and/or berries

In a small saucepan heat the brown sugar and butter over medium heat until butter is melted; carefully spread over the crust.  If using pecans, sprinkle them over the sugar mixture.  Place back in oven and bake until the brown sugar mixture begins to soften and melt, about 4 to 5 minutes.

Mix the granulated sugar and the flour together; stir in the egg yolks.  Using a hand beater or wire whisk, beat until thick.

Heat the whipping cream to scalding in a 2-quart heavy-duty saucepan.  Stir 2 tablespoons of the heated cream into the egg yolk mixture until smooth.  Stir the egg yolk mixture into the cream and cook over medium heat stirring constantly.  Cook about 3 minutes or until the mixture thickens; cool slightly.  Pour the mixture over the brown sugar in the crust. 

Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 to 3 hours until chilled.

Before serving, heat the orange marmalade and water over low heat until the marmalade is melted.  Allow to cool slightly.  Decorate the tart with the fresh fruit/berries and spoon the marmalade mixture over the fruit.
Yield: 8 to 10 servings

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