Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I got this from my daughter. Cute for Halloween.

Instant chocolate pudding (and ingredients on box)
8 - small (clear) plastic cups
cool whip
ghost "peeps"
candy corn/pumpkins
1 Ziploc bag
rolling pin
First, make the chocolate pudding by following the directions on the back of the box. Once mixed, pour pudding into individual cups and let set up in the refrigerator. I bought a small box of instant pudding so mine was set within 5 minutes.
Next, plop a layer of cool whip on top of your chocolate pudding. Place a handful of Oreos in a ziplock bag and crunch them with a rolling pin until you get something that resembles dirt. I used the minis because we can't be trusted with a whole bad of oreos in the house (plus, they're easier to crunch)! Sprinkle a generous layer of oreo dirt on top of your cool whip.
Decorate your dirt cups with ghost peeps, pumpkins & candy corn. If you're taking them on the go, place a second plastic cup on top and secure with tape.

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